We are future shapers.

Who do we look to, to shape our world?

Tomorrow’s difference makers will understand they are part of something bigger.

And you’ll find them at OBU.


Ryan Fisher

Providing sports and recreation programs for local families and youth, this future shaper makes a difference in his community.


Seth Wright

Through his love of music and performance, this alumnus crafts the musical sounds of films, video games and more.


Lucas Adams

The journey of one alumnus from OBU, to an elite graduate program, to the front lines of research on the hunt for a COVID–19 vaccine.


Gage Bullard

Through the study of mathematics at OBU, see the beauty and structure of God’s design through the universal language of numbers.


Emily Day

Whether practicing for her future career or leading worship in chapel, this OBU student works to use music to impact others.


Chris Mehn

Whether on the football field or in the computer lab, this student lives out his faith through serving others.


J.T. Vongor

Both in the classroom and on the field, this OBU student makes a profound difference in the lives of others.


Gavin Yoesting

How the power of family and inspiration transformed one OBU student’s academic and career path.